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Turn your computer into an advanced reference quality instrument tuner
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15 April 2011

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Music composing is not something new to our society; since time immemorial music is being composed by musical artists and composers. With new advancement in technology, all sectors of life are being affected in a big way which involves the music industry too. Various gadgetry and devices have been invented so far to make the music composing experience comfortable and enhance the musical qualities as well. The advent of musical tuners has further added to the experience. By the means of definition, an instrument tuner is a device used to detect and display the pitch of notes played on musical instruments. Chromatia Tuner 3.5 application aims to convert a computer system into a sophisticated quality instrument tuner.

Chromatia Tuner 3.5 opens up with a vibrantly arranged interface with a light blue-grey shade and the main options for tuning music located at the top pane. A stop watch like meter is also provided on the mid screen window for measuring frequency of the music tuned. The exclusive feature list of the application includes precision of better than 0.1 Hz up to ~C8, range of 9+ octaves, compatible with more than 30 different temperaments and scales, facility of automatic and manual note selection, option of reference tone, easily comprehendible tuning meter, full screen mode option, power saver mode and much more. Furthermore, there are also options available for calibration of noise levels, microphone types and filtering; along with the option of beat tuning that does not require your constant presence in front of the computer. The application is certainly a step ahead of its counterparts for its sound performance and user friendly navigation.

Overall, Chromatia Tuner 3.5 scores high on its features and enhanced tools and thus gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance and high utility.

Publisher's description

Turn your computer into an advanced reference quality instrument tuner.
- Works with almost any instrument.
- Short response time.
- Range of 9+ octaves.
- Precision of better than 0.1 Hz up to ~C8.
- Supports more than 30 different temperaments and scales; including historic tunings such as pythagorean, meantone, just, and well tempered tunings, traditional folk scales, stretched piano tunings, and of course also the modern equal temperament tuning.
- You can add your own custom scales and temperaments!
- Automatic and Manual note selection modes.
- Supports WASAPI, ASIO and DirectSound for low-latency audio.
- Reference tone option.
- Beat tone option - tune without looking at the computer screen.
- Easily readable tuning meter.
- Full screen mode option.
- Report dialog for creating a table of measurements (useful for instrument makers).
- Power save mode conserves battery power on laptops
- Real-time spectrum analyzer graph option.
- Note hold time control - good for instruments that produce very short tones.
- Optional calibration of input noise level, microphone type and noise filtering.
- Optional MIDI I/O: Select notes from a keyboard (in manual mode).
- Optional MIDI I/O: Play the detected note on a synth.
- Optional MIDI I/O: MIDI Tuning Standard support.
- And more! Download it and check it out!
Chromatia Tuner
Chromatia Tuner
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